The Staff

The staff of Camp Woodland Hills are all professionally trained and qualified instructors who provide creative, challenging and exciting adventures throughout each day.  With their enthusiastic participation in our daily opening and closing songfests, their wacky dress and hairstyles on spirit days and their involvement in all the special events and theme day activities, the staff always strive to make each and every day special for the campers.

The counselors at Camp Woodland Hills include members of our regular certified and credentialed Woodland Hills Private School staff.  The lifeguards are all fully qualified with certifications in lifeguard and water safety training, CPR and first aid for professional rescuers, and swim instruction.  Our Animal & Nature Specialists are part of the Woodland Hills Private School staff, with in-depth knowledge and experience with exotic animals and farm animals from zoos, animal shelters and vet clinics.

Every member of our Camp Woodland Hills staff is dedicated to giving your child a wonderful summer filled with fun and friendship.