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Adventure Camp: 3rd – 6th grade

Adventure campers have a blast in our morning , swim in the pool, and enjoy the excitement of our game room playing with the Wii systems, Xbox 360s, pool, air hockey, computers and more.  Adventure campers can’t wait when it is time to take part in all the special events, Spirit Days, and WEEKLY FIELD TRIPS that are an integral part of this wonderful summer camp experience.

Participants will attend three (3) funshops each morning. If your child chooses to opt out of any main funshop, we will provide our alternative funshop (description provided below).

Campers can also enroll in our Master Chef with Ms. Maxie specialty camp which takes place from 9 A.M. – 12 P.M. and runs for 1 week.  To learn more, please visit the Specialty Camps page.

Funshop Descriptions

Academic Refresher: Even the most academic of students is not immune to the “brain drain” of summer. This funshop will help to re-spark that academic side of our campers’ brains through math and reading games, and collaborative projects.

Art: Campers will express their artistic side through a variety of mediums.  Paint, clay, sequins and more can be found when our campers get messy during this Art funshop.

Barnyard: Conservation: Humans have a big impact on animals in the wild, and the impact is only growing. In the past, deforestation, growing cities, and pollution were a big problem for our animal friends in the wild. But don’t worry, things are looking up! Through many conservation efforts, we have also helped many animal species from the brink of extinction. In the Science and Nature Center, “Our Barnyard,” we are going to learn about the many different conservation methods used today, such as breeding programs, rehabilitation, and reintroduction into the wild.

Barnyard: The Wild West: Ever wonder what it was like for cowboys riding their gallant horses through the Wild West? Or how about the life a ranch owner all alone creating the new world? Well, here in the Science and Nature Center, “Our Barnyard,” we will give you a taste of the past. Learn how cowboys had to take care of their partners, lasso “animals” and herd sheep.

Baseball/Softball: Do you dream of making it to the big league? Campers will get active, learning and playing baseball/softball in this funshop.

Food Science: What does Coca-Cola do to a penny? How do you make a “rubber egg”? These are questions that will be answered when we mix two of our favorite things: food and science!

Game Development: Work together in groups to develop the next popular game to sweep the nation since Apples to Apples, Monopoly, or Uno!  Campers will go through the process of developing a game, from mapping out the rules and goals, to creating a physical game set, to teaching the game and having other campers test out and play the game.

Healthy Cooking: During our 3rd Session our campers will learn to prepare healthy snacks and meals through our Healthy Cooking funshop.

Master Chef: Campers will learn a variety of recipes and understand how each ingredient affects the taste of the dish.  At the end of the session, campers will have the opportunity to show off their cooking skills to a panel of judges comprised of their peers, with a Master Chef cook-off to create the tastiest dish they’ve learned or their own special recipe.

Movie Making: Is the next Spielberg or Abrams among our campers? Work together in this funshop to go through the movie making process of developing a script, filming, and editing to create a memorable short movie to be shown at our “Film Festival”/Talent Show on July 21st.

Sports: Time to get out and get active during Sports time! Campers will be exposed to a variety of athletic activities where they get up and get moving.

Swim: Cool off in our pool for swim lessons instructed by our fully qualified and certified swim staff.  Campers will perfect their butterfly and freestyle while having a blast!

Tin & Leatherwork: A Camp Woodland Hills Classic with a new twist, our campers love making purses, stamping bracelets, and creating memorable pieces of metal art!

Volleyball: Campers will enjoy learning and playing volleyball in this funshop. They will focus on the basic skills needed to become a volleyball pro and play games to advance their game.

Weaving & Lanyards:  Campers enjoy weaving beautifully colored key chains and gifts in this forever favorite of camp!

Woodworking: Learn about safety and technique in this wood crafting class.  Another camp favorite, campers will make birdhouses, name plates and so much more!

Yoga: Campers will find their inner peace during this calming funshop. They will take a break from the high-energy rush of the camp day to recenter and focus on what lies ahead. Namaste.

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